From the candle to Nahla's dress ^-^

My friend's mother invited me to spend the week-end with them so I started looking around the net for a cute candle to bring her (she is candle addicted), but when I saw this Missoni's candle have a sensation of déjà vu.
 And I was not wrong the candle's print reminded me these pictures of Nahla.

I saw these pictures some time before I started my blog and I archived them thinking that I would have use them later if I created my blog. I couldn't find the dress online but I'm almost sure that it is from Missoni even more after I saw the Missoni Rainbow strip dress below.

So what do you think is Nahla's dress from Missoni or not?

PS: The candle cost $520 it makes 413,50 CHF I will bring them a cake LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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